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How to improve the quality of mold

    Improve the quality of mold : a basic approach to improve the quality of die mold design is the most important step, need to consider many factors, including the mold material selection, mold structure can use and security, mold parts processing and die repair convenience, these early in the design should be considered very thoughtful. Mold manufacturing process is to ensure that the mold quality is important one annulus, mold manufacturing process machining method and machining accuracy will affect the service life of die. Various parts of the accuracy directly affects the whole mould assembly, get rid of the equipment itself affect the accuracy, needs through the improvement of the machining method, improve the fitter in the mold grinding with in the process of technical level, to improve the precision machining parts die. The main die formed parts for surface strengthening, in order to improve the surface wear resistance of die parts, so as to better improve the quality of mold. Proper use and maintenance of the mold, but also improve the quality of mold is one of the major factors. For example : Die Installation and debugging methods should be appropriate, in the hot runner case, power supply wiring correctly, cooling water to meet the design requirements, the mold in the production of injection molding machine, die-casting machine, press the parameters should be consistent with the design requirements. And so on. In the proper use of the mold, it is necessary to mold maintenance, mold guide column, a guide sleeve and other parts with movement should often add lubricants, for forging die, plastic mould, die-casting mould and die in each mold forming before should be lubricant or mold agent is sprayed on the surface of forming parts.

    With the development of society, the quality of mold has been paid more and more attention, with the design, manufacture molds degree strengthen, mold the new technology, the mold quality has attracted more and more attention. Quality is often say often new topic, along with the improvement of quality in die mold technology and improve

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